A Note From Wild Lotus Founder, Sean Johnson

A Note From Wild Lotus Founder, Sean Johnson

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your presence and support in 2012! Happy 2013! We are excited for a new year of exploration into the many gifts of yoga.   In the spirit of the new year, our theme this month is “Sankalpa: Deep Intention.”  Yoga teacher Rod Stryker says, “A sankalpa is a vow and commitment we make to support our highest truth. By definition, a sankalpa honors the deeper meaning of our life. A sankalpa speaks to the larger arc of our lives, our dharma—our overriding purpose for being here.” This month we invite you to meditate on your soul’s desire, to reflect on where you want to invest your precious life energy.  Create a personal sankalpa that can continuously wake you up to what is most meaningful and be a guiding force through the highs and lows of life.

We have a rich variety of happenings, workshops, courses, teacher trainings, and discount specials at both the uptown and downtown this month. All the details are below and also on our website www.WildLotusYoga.com.

Thanks and Namaste!