• Expand & Refine: A 4 Week Intermediate Course
    Expand & Refine: A 4 Week Intermediate Course
    w/ Coleen
    Mondays, 7:00pm - 8:30pm. Starts October 3rd. Downtown — This course is designed for students who feel comfortable in a flow class, but are looking to deepen and refine their practice. We’ll rebuild the foundational poses and break down the more elusive poses that pop up during class, like arm balances and inversions. We’ll examine common yoga injuries and ways to prevent them, identify target areas of strength building/flexibility,
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  • 5 Day Celtic Spirituality & Yoga Retreat in Ireland
    5 Day Celtic Spirituality & Yoga Retreat in Ireland
    w/ Sean Johnson & Mary Meighan
    October 3-7 — Wild Lotus & Celtic Journeys presents 5 Day Celtic Spirituality & Yoga Retreat On a wild and beautiful island off the west coast of Ireland with Sean Johnson & Mary Meighan Join Sean and Mary for a one-of-a-kind, intimate, spiritual retreat in one of Ireland’s most inspiring places. We’ll retreat on the wild and beautiful Inis Mor– a small island
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  • Lotus Lounge: Prana & the Vayus
    Lotus Lounge: Prana & the Vayus
    w/ Andra
    Saturday, October 8th, 2:30-4:00pm. Uptown — You could spend a lifetime perfecting your physical practice – but you have a feeling there’s more to yoga than that. Andra and Vera host a monthly conversation with other open-minded yogis who ask “What IS Yoga?” The Lotus Lounge is a place to meet, discuss, and explore the other practices of yoga in a playful, inquisitive way. We’ll have
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  • Family Yoga
    Family Yoga
    w/ Ms. Charlotte
    Thursday, October 13th, 4:00 - 5:15pm. Uptown — Do you believe that your family members are your friends too? Our family members have the potential to be our best friends when we keep our hearts, mind and spirits open! Wild Lotus Yoga Studio invites the families of our little yogi’s to attend our next Family Yoga – an hour of storytelling, music, and yoga. We will immerse ourselves
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  • 6 Week Tai Chi For Everyone Course: The 9 Beautiful Movements
    6 Week Tai Chi For Everyone Course: The 9 Beautiful Movements
    w/ Marilyn
    Fridays, 10:00am - 11:30am. Starts October 14th. Uptown — Tai Chi is a gentle martial art form taught as movement meditation. A series of movements are learned and practiced in a slow sequence sometimes called a Tai Chi dance. Researched benefits of a regular Tai Chi practice include strengthening and toning muscles, joints, and bones; relieving stress; improving balance and concentration; and promoting general well being and calm. Participants
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  • Fall Retreat
    Fall Retreat
    w/ Andra & AC at Flowering Lotus Retreat Center in Magnolia, MS
    Friday, October 14th (5pm) - Sunday, October 16th (afternoon) — We all want full, rich, rewarding lives. Sometimes, however, having such full lives can lead to us feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and undernourished. In the busy season of fall with the holidays approaching, we often neglect our health and well-being, yet these are the times when we most need to feel strong, calm, and centered. Bring balance back to your life
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  • 2016 Anba Dlo Halloween Festival
    2016 Anba Dlo Halloween Festival
    w/ various
    Saturday, October 15th, 5pm - 12am. The Healing Center — The New Orleans’ spirit is about celebrating life; whatever the situation may be. This spirit is the basis for Anba Dlo- we come together to celebrate New Orleans’ important and changing relationship with water while educating on the important issues. Anba Dlo (Pronounced “Ahnbah Dlo”) is Haitian Kreyol for “Beneath the Waters” and is meant to acknowledge and honor the importance of water in our
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  • Pranic Energizing: A Journey Through Breath, Body & Sound
    Pranic Energizing: A Journey Through Breath, Body & Sound
    w/ Zach
    Sunday, October 16th, 3:00-5:30pm. Downtown — Take an inspiring and energizing journey deep into your being. Pranic Energizing begins with a vinyasa fueled asana practice, followed by pranayama, and culminates with a deep meditative experience through breath and sound. Learn about the practice of pranayama and experience the bounty of the breath. Guide your awareness throughout the body and enjoy the bliss that is latent in
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  • Peaceful Mamas Monthly Class
    Peaceful Mamas Monthly Class
    w/ Nicole
    Thursday, October 20th, 7:45-9:15pm. Uptown — This monthly class is a “Time Out” for moms. Come stretch your body with light yoga postures followed by a short meditation or restorative pose, and ending in a casual group-share. Moms will have a chance to support & be supported by other moms as they share their experiences with motherhood. $20 or class card. Online registration here, or call
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  • 5 Week Yoga for Life Course: The Radiance Sutras
    5 Week Yoga for Life Course: The Radiance Sutras
    w/ AC
    Sundays, 4-00 - 5:30pm. Starts October 23rd. Uptown — Yoga For Life is a course devoted to the study and real-world application of the wisdom of yoga as presented in various texts. This fall we explore The Radiance Sutras, a modern translation of the Vijnana-bhairava-tantra, an ancient yogic teaching on mindful living, using simple but profound techniques to reveal and savor the sacred in the everyday. One of the
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  • 6 Week Kids yoga Course: Yoga, Art & Play (ages 4-6)
    6 Week Kids yoga Course: Yoga, Art & Play (ages 4-6)
    w/ Ms. Libby
    Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00pm. Starts October 25th. Uptown — In this special 6 week course, kids ages 4-6 years learn to relax their bodies and their minds while being guided through yoga postures, breathing techniques, art, movement, storytelling, and play. Cost: $75. Register online or call 899-0047.
  • 4 Week Practices in Self Care Course
    4 Week Practices in Self Care Course
    w/ Farah
    Thursdays, 7:30-9:00pm. Starts October 27th. Uptown — Are you overworked and just need a break but can’t take that vacation you’ve been waiting for? Are you stressed out or overly tired and can’t seem to catch up even with a full night’s sleep? If you’ve answered “yes” to one or both of these questions, the “Practices in Self Care Course” is designed to teach and support busy
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