Class Information

What To Bring

Bring your own personal yoga mat. We also sell a variety of quality yoga mats in our lobby. We have a limited number of loaner mats available. For vigorous classes, please bring a water bottle (we provide complimentary reverse-osmosis water in our lobby) and a personal towel.

What To Wear

It is best to wear comfortable clothing that will not inhibit movement. Many people practice in shorts or breathable yoga pants, and t-shirt or tank-top. We always practice with our bare feet, so please leave your shoes in the lobby.

Class Etiquette

Please arrive early to sign in. We lock door 5 minutes after each class begins. Leave your shoes in the lobby.  Turn off cell phones. Avoid wearing heavy perfume. If you borrowed a mat, clean it after class. Place props neatly back. In the lobby, please be mindful of the volume of your voice when classes are in session. Thank you.

Choosing The Best Class For You

We have a wide variety of classes and teachers. To find the best class for you, review the class descriptions, pay attention to the class guideline (mellow, mellow-medium, medium, spicy), and try out different classes. Our skilled teachers share yoga in their own style and personality. Explore and find the approach you resonate with most. Visit our New To Yoga page for more details.

Class Guideline

Our mellow classes focus primarily on stress relief and relaxation and are physically gentler than the other classes. Our mellow-medium classes are relaxing and also introduce a selection of more challenging postures and sequences with options to modify in a gentler way. Our medium classes offer general students a challenging practice cultivating strength and flexibility, with options to modify up and down. Students will break a sweat in this class and be introduced to a wider variety of pose types including sun salutations, arm balances, balance poses, backbends, twists, and inversions. Our spicy classes are designed for experienced students who have a strong practice and developed awareness of alignment. This is a sweaty, physically demanding practice that includes a variety of pose types including sun salutations, arm balances, balance poses, backbends. Each class includes at least 2-3 challenging inversions such as headstand, tripod headstand, handstand, forearm stand, etc. Spicy classes are not for beginners.

Class Descriptions

Choose from a wide variety of classes, listed below,  to match your intentions for practicing yoga. Beginners, be sure to visit our New To Yoga page for advice and recommendations.

Align & Shine: Focus on foundations of yoga practice, alignment, body mechanics, and breath with emphasis on step-by-step instruction. For beginners and beyond.

Serenity Yoga: Melt away stress, replenish your energy, and awaken inner guidance with gentle postures, stretching, relaxation exercises, deep breathing, and calming music.

Restorative Yoga: Release stress and create a state of deep relaxation through calming, therapeutic, sustained postures comfortably supported by bolsters and blankets.  The Restorative/Guided Meditation class includes an extensive guided meditation that systematically releases each layer of your being to induce the relaxation response, our body’s own healing state, where revitalization and regeneration occurs.

Flow: Connect to a more movement-oriented vinyasa yoga practice through sequences of postures synched with smooth, flowing breath, and uplifting music.

Flow and Restore: Experience the benefits of an all-levels standing flow practice followed by a cycle of deeply relaxing reclining restorative postures.

Flow-Waves classes include sequences from Kali Ray Tri-Yoga with a strong emphasis on wavelike spinal movement.

Spicy Flow: Focus on building strength, flexibility, endurance, and grace through a challenging vinyasa practice taught at a more vigorous tempo with more advanced poses. Not for beginners, and held in a warm room.

Hot Vinyasa: A Spicy Flow class held in a heated room. You will be guided to access a deeper expression of challenging poses, safely moving into more advanced standing and seated postures to find greater flexibility, build strength, and stimulate the release of toxins and stress. Not recommended for beginners.

Mantras, Movement & Meditation: Experience more of an emphasis on meditation in this mellow class that also weaves together mantra singing and gentle movement.

Sunday Morning Community Kirtan: Experience the energetic, heart-opening power of group mantra singing- one of the most ancient and potent forms of yoga- hosted by Zach and fellow Wild Lotus teachers. A percentage of sliding scale proceeds from the class class goes to a local charity.

Prenatal Yoga: Prepare for childbirth and beyond with  prenatal postures, breathing exercises and meditation. For expecting mothers in their 2nd & 3rd trimesters.

Mommy & Baby Yoga: Regain strength and flexibility following childbirth and relax and connect with your baby and other parents. For new mothers & their infants, newborn to sitting. Women should be cleared for exercise by their doctor.

Teens Yoga: Teens ages 12-16 build physical strength, balance, and flexibility. Improve mental focus and concentration. Learn techniques to relax and de-stress. Give yourself the time to be inspired: to play, laugh, dance, sing, create, and move!

Kids Yoga: (see course below) Kids learn to relax their bodies and their minds while being guided through yoga postures, breathing techniques, art, movement, storytelling, and play. Ages 4-9 years.

Tweens Yoga: (see course below) Kids ages 10-12 learn to relax their bodies and their minds while being guided through yoga postures, breathing practices, art, movement, storytelling and play.

Yoga Courses

These courses offer you the opportunity to build your practice from week to week with the same teacher who will help you review, reinforce, and build on your learning step-by-step. Intro courses run year-round. Other courses are offered seasonally.

4 Foundations Of Yoga Course: Beginners create strength, flexibility, and peace of mind as they learn in a step-by-step manner, systematically building experience, knowledge, and confidence each week.

6 Week Intermediate Yoga Course – Next Steps: For students who have taken an Intro Course or equivalent, or for more experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice and refine their alignment. In this course, we will take the next steps in developing a solid practice. Students will build on the basics to explore deeper expressions of the poses, expand their connection between breath and movement, and cultivate greater peace and stillness of mind.

6 Week Intro To Spicy Flow Yoga: Systematically develop a more intensive yoga practice. This course is for students who already have a basic foundation in yoga practice and alignment. Not for beginners. Focus will be on learning healthy body mechanics and alignment in postures and transitions commonly taught in Wild Lotus’ Spicy Flow classes. The teacher will break down the postures and build each week to help you develop your skill, confidence, and endurance, and receive the most benefit from a more vigorous vinyasa practice.

Roots & Wings – Advance Your Practice Course: Know your basics but want to take it to the next level? Build on a strong foundation to learn advanced poses step by step. In this 3-part course, learn how to access your strength to get lift off in arm balances, conquer your fear of inversions, and go deeper into binds and back bends to open your heart.

4 Week Intro To Tai Chi & Qi Gong Course offers an experiential opportunity to understand the basics of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Working with energy, breath, and simple meditative movements, students will learn skills to focus and calm the mind, improve mental and physical balance, increase core strength, and strengthen organs, muscles and joints. This course is appropriate and beneficial for all ages and physical capabilities.

4 Week Kids Yoga Course: Kids learn to relax their bodies and their minds while being guided through yoga postures, breathing techniques, art, movement, storytelling, and play for kids ages 4-7 and 8-11 years.

4 Week Tweens Yoga Course: Kids ages 8-11 learn to relax their bodies and their minds while being guided through yoga postures, breathing practices, art, movement, storytelling and play.


Private Sessions

Private yoga lessons can be a great doorway for beginners into yoga practice, as well as accelerate progress for more experienced practitioners. Privates can be booked for individuals, pairs, families, or groups.

Private Yoga Sessions: Receive hands-on guidance in a one-on-one yoga experience tailored your needs and intentions. Recommended if you wish to deepen your practice with the personal guidance of a teacher, for beginners who prefer working one-on-one to spark a yoga practice, and for people with special needs or physical conditions.

Thai Yoga Private Sessions: A one-on-one therapeutic session combining assisted stretching, acupressure, and energy work.


Yoga In Your Workplace

Yoga can be a great perk, morale-builder, and health benefit for your employees or co-workers. Contact us if you’d like to have one of our skilled teachers teach a class in your workplace.


Yoga For Special Occasions

We offer special yoga classes for showers, weddings, birthdays, family reunions, office parties, kids birthday parties, and more. Contact us for more details.