Intro To Qi Gong Workshop This Sunday Downtown

Intro To Qi Gong Workshop This Sunday Downtown

Sun Jan 20, 11am-2pm Downtown w/ Marilyn Yank

The 10 Phases of Qi Cultivation: An Introduction to Qi Gong

The ancient practice Of Qi Gong (literally translated as “energy work”) combines gentle movement, breath, and mental focus to promote and sustain deep healing in body, mind, and spirit. The result is increased vitality and well being. Participants will learn a series of simple and replicable movements that will introduce the potential and power of Qi cultivation and mastery.

Marilyn Yank has been a student of Tai Chi, Qi Gong , meditation, and movement arts for most of her life and a teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong for the last 15 years. She teaches Qi Gong as a body/mind practice for increasing awareness, reducing stress, building internal strength, and clearing energy channels in the body to prevent disease and promote over- all health.

Cost $35 or $30 Early Bird Special.  Online registration here. No refund if canceled within 24 hours.