Last chance to join Farah’s Intro To Spicy Yoga Course

Last chance to join Farah's Intro To Spicy Yoga Course

Wild Lotus offers students the opportunity to join a 6-week Intro Course a week late and pro-rate the missed session. Farah’s course started last Monday, June 24 and the second class of the 6-week workshop will be held tomorrow 7:45-9:30p Downtown.

Workshop Description:

Systematically develop a more intensive yoga practice with Farah Gokturk. This course is for students who already have a basic foundation in yoga practice and alignment. Not for beginners. Focus will be on learning healthy body mechanics and alignment in postures and transitions commonly taught in Wild Lotus’ Spicy Flow classes. Farah will break down the postures and build each week to help you develop your skill, confidence, and endurance, and receive the most benefit from a more vigorous vinyasa practice.

Register online here or call 899-0047.