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“Wild Lotus is my favorite yoga studio. I highly recommend doing the new student special if you are looking to try out the studio, since you can see which teachers you like best and try out all different types of classes (they have “spicy” classes for more advanced yogis all the way to more restorative or calm classes like Flow & Restore or Foundations). The schedule is very easy to read and the staff is great about letting you know which classes will best meet your needs! The teachers are also great about letting you know how to modify a pose to make it easier or more difficult so you feel comfortable in the class.”

-Jia (Yelp)

“In a city where I’ve practiced with some truly great teachers, Wild Lotus is really top of the tops, easily my favorite yoga studio of all time and I’ve practiced on and off for over a decade, including a teacher training course in Manhattan. I also want to reiterate my appreciation for the teachers. All of them are fantastic. Most are all-levels (with the exception of spicy flow, but don’t let the description scare you off, unless you’re a true beginner needing the basics!) and truly inspirational. If you don’t leave transformed, you’ll at the very least leave feeling 10X better than when you walked in.”

– Joi B. (Yelp)

“Having never done flow yoga before, I didn’t know what to expect. The class focused on syncing breath with the asanas, as is typical of flow yoga, and our movements were accompanied by a great playlist of songs – a very new experience for me! The combination of music, Farah’s lilting voice gently describing the poses and our breathing, and the detoxifying effect of the flow of motion led me to joy, a wringing out of sadness and stress, and relieving tears at the end of class. For a complete yoga experience that allows you to work out your entire body and mind, I recommend Wild Lotus Yoga.”

– Emily M. (Yelp)

“I was walking back along the river to my hotel room I could feel a difference your students and class brought to me. It brought happiness and love for my life and others. That is something that years of perfecting the scorpion pose could never get me to understand. It’s not about trying to be the best but just trying to be.”

– Kevin F.  (Omtrekker Blog)

“As students, our yoga needs are diverse and dynamic.  I appreciate the diversity of yoga styles and yoga teachers that are available at Wild Lotus.  I also find there is a culture of kindness that originates with Sean and permeates throughout the staff and infects the students.  Cool place to practice yoga.”

– Mike C.

“This is a very kind and compassionate yoga community. From the front desk person to the instructors and students, everyone was friendly. If you’re looking for an inclusive, inviting community with great instructors and service, this one is it.”

– Tamika C. (Yelp)

“I’m a beginner with some physical limitations (neck and back issues) and I feel totally comfortable here.  They always tell everyone at the beginning of the class to go at our own pace, listen to our bodies, etc, which makes me feel good and establishes the non-competitive atmosphere.”

– Amy G. (Yelp)

“Wild Lotus is a wonderful place, such a haven. It’s impossible to leave the same way you came in. If you are looking for a yoga studio that will challenge your body, stimulate your mind and soothe your soul, this is the place for you.”

– Coudra C.

“I literally plan my visits to the city around classes at Wild Lotus Yoga. The teachers always bring just the right amount of challenge and relaxation to the practices. Every time I get a break from my busy work and teaching schedule I do my best to squeeze a class in. Highly recommended!”

– Daniel W.

“A beautiful yoga studio with incredibly kind, dedicated teachers. There is absolutely no attitude at this studio, and from the moment you walk in the door you are welcomed with open arms. Everyone from the experienced yogi to the beginner stepping on the mat for the first time will find a class to suit their needs. Yoga is very personal for many people, and the teachers do a very good job of balancing the emotional and physical parts of the practice.” 

– Kristen D. (Yelp)  

“As a pretty inexperienced yogi, I am always hesitant to try a new studio. However, I soon learned that at Wild Lotus, all my fears were completely unjustified. The staff is welcoming and helpful. The instructors gently assist you in your poses and offer excellent tips on alignment and breathing. Plus, the amount of different classes Wild Lotus offers is simply amazing, in all different styles. I’ve taken classes ranging from ‘Gentle’ to ‘Spicy, and they were accessible and could be modified for yogis of all skill levels. If you want to do yoga in New Orleans for a fairly reasonable price in a lush, peaceful atmosphere – get yourself to Wild Lotus.”

– Brooke C. (Yelp)

“Wild Lotus is a great community filled within inspiration and soul.  This studio is not only a place to exercise your body, but it is also a place to nourish your heart and clear your mind.  I am grateful for Wild Lotus in my neighborhood and in my life!”

– Mary Margaret G. (Yelp)

“I have practiced yoga off and on again for years – but always at whichever gym I was currently attending.  This is the first true yoga studio I have attended, and I love it.  The yoga rooms are spacious with lots of natural light.  The teachers are all very kind and attentive.  My first month I joined using the new to studio special for unlimited classes and this was a great deal. I was able to try out a bunch of different classes and find my “fit.” I have to admit, I was a little bit intimidated to come here at first – I thought people might be “judgy” or condescending toward those of us who don’t have perfect yoga bodies – but I was so wrong.  Everyone I have met here has been exceptionally nice and accepting.  I always walk out feeling a million times better than when I walked in. There is just a very peaceful, loving vibe here which will keep me coming back.”

– Karen S. (Yelp)

“When I turned 70, my entire body hurt so much, I went to a doctor who could find nothing wrong. “Have you ever tried yoga?” she asked. “I think it would help your aches and pains.” Amazingly, I had barely even heard of yoga at that time. Wild Lotus Yoga is close to my house, so I went to a class there. I knew so little about yoga, when the instructor said “Let’s all meet in downward dog, ” I thought she was talking about a coffee shop after class. As I took class after class, my body slowly stopped hurting. I was so thrilled with my new pain-free life that I signed up for the eight-month teacher training….with easily a 40-year gap between me and the other participants.  Of course, I learned more and more about yoga, and now even teach a senior citizens’ class myself. But the byproduct was that I met some of the kindest, most caring people in the world. At Wild Lotus Yoga, age is completely irrelevant. The teachers are all highly trained to take individuals at the skill level they are and work with them to greater flexibility and strength. The studio also offers workshops in every kind of yoga you can imagine. Taking classes at Wild Lotus Yoga has completely changed my life. I meditate and do yoga every morning….and I try to take a class every day. I have no more pains and have made lots of younger friends. Don’t let age or ability stop you. The Wild Lotus teachers will give adjustments geared to every skill level. I can guarantee you yoga will change your life also.”

– Angela C.