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Black Lives Matter

Over the last three years, listening to the needs and input of our community, we have been engaged in the work of building a staff and studio culture — from the inside out —  that is more conscious of systemic racism and how it functions across systems of power, within us individually, and in the way we hold space for yoga. 

Initiatives that we’ve enacted at the studio include dismantling racism trainings for our teachers and administrative staff; Black Indigenous And People Of Color (BIPOC) scholarships for our teacher trainings; building more diversity in our teaching staff; and a yoga and social justice module added to our teacher training curriculum.  Two of the most influential guides we have worked with are Michelle Cassandra Johnson, author of “Skill In Action: Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice To Create A Just World,” and Matthew Kincaid, founder of Overcoming Racism, based here in New Orleans. These have been productive steps, AND there is so much more work to be done to make a greater impact.

Some of the goals we are currently working on include: continuing to deepen our inner work and education in anti-racism; continuing to expand the racial diversity of our staff; uplifting and drawing from more Black sources of wisdom in our study and teaching; finding creative ways to authentically integrate social justice more consciously into our classes; sharing offerings from our Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) teaching staff designed exclusively for BIPOC; and uplifting and financially supporting Black-led organizations in the New Orleans community.

We have received requests from white people in our community who have asked specifically for guidance on ways to  take concrete actions to support racial justice and equity. Please read our recent newsletter with recommended inner work, questions, actions and resources to challenge racism within ourselves and our society.