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Monday Night Community Kirtan w/ Zach Jenkins

One Monday night a month from 7-8:15pm,  Wild Lotus teacher and bhakti musician Zach Jenkins guides a community kirtan featuring participatory singing of mantras, songs, gong bath, and meditation. The session is sliding scale $7-$20. All are welcome. No musical experience is necessary. See our events page for details about the next community kirtan event.

Singing is a form of purification and liberation. The mantras sensitize us, polish away the clutter in our heads and melt the numbness in our hearts, so we feel clear, awake, and brilliantly alive. The singing melts our inhibitions. The frozen places inside us defrost, and we start to move and play like children.

Singing is a meditation practice. Our wandering minds have the opportunity to return again and again to the touchstone of the repeated mantra, an invitation into the present. Kirtan can be a gateway into sacred silence. The striking contrast between the dynamic energy of kirtan and the sweetness of the silence is profound. The mantras themselves are medicine, soothing the monkey mind and tuning the head to the heart.

Singing is pranayama. The repetition of the breath regulates our breath pattern, stoking the prana.

Singing is good for our health. The mantras vibrate and massage our muscles, tissues, bones, and organs. The word sound is even a synonym for health, for stability.

Kirtan is therapeutic. So many people have lost touch with the power of their voice and their creative expression and kirtan is a direct path to freeing the authentic voice within. Many folks who have attended kirtans over the years have offered gratitude for the opportunity to sing without being judged, and the cathartic and liberating power that comes with that experience.

Singing creates community. Singing together, we merge with each other, and entrain with the divine vibration. Kirtan is a most sublime form of satsang, gathering with fellow seekers and reaching deep together through song. There’s a vibrant exchange, a transmission of energy circulating back and forth from hearts to hearts.

Kirtan helps to stimulate our creative power. It gives us a direct tool to clear the channel of creativity that moves from thought to speech to action. We create our lives through repetition, patterns. Mantra practice helps us to more consciously manifest patterns of purpose in our lives.