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WildLotus Yoga

Prop Up Your Practice Workshop

Instructor: Dena Borman

Date/Time: Sunday July 17th, 3:30-5:30pm
Location: Studio

In this unique workshop, Dena will introduce various ways to incorporate props into your Yoga Asana practice.

You can expect to:
• discover new variations and adaptations of popular yoga poses
• enhance your personal agency and gain confidence in making choices that best suit YOUR practice
• shift your mindset when it comes to working with props

• unlock your curious and playful spirit!

This workshop is appropriate for practitioners at all levels. Beginners will learn how to make just about any yoga class feel more accessible. Experienced students will learn how to re-imagine familiar poses in new ways. Teachers will learn how to incorporate more accessible options into their Asana classes. And we will ALL learn from one another!

Props will be provided for In Studio participants, but students are welcome to bring their own if they prefer.
-2 yoga blocks
-1 yoga blanket (or a beach towel)
-1 strap (or belt/scarf/tie)
-1 yoga bolster (or pillow)

Investment: Sliding Scale Fee Based On Your Means:
If you have the means, please pay at the $45 or $55 levels to support accessibility to our community.
No Drop Ins. No refunds.