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4 Week Mindful Living Course: An Introduction To Mindful Meditation

Instructor: Lindsey Greeson-Purcell

Date/Time: Begins Wed March 8th - March 29th, 6:30-7:45pm
Location: Studio + ZOOM

This online 4 week course introduces different mindfulness techniques, application of mindfulness practices in understanding destructive emotions and cultivating positive emotions. It is based on the ancient practice of mindfulness, which is about waking up, being fully alive, and being present for the richness of each moment of our lives.
Beyond simply decreasing stress, this course offers approaches and skills to help students find more satisfaction in their daily life.

Each class will offer a lively blend of instruction, breakout discussion, meditation practice and class exercises. After completing this course, students will:

  • Understand physical posture, breathing techniques and the science behind mindfulness
  • Increase their tools to apply mindful strategies to everyday living
  • Gain access to methods and practices that sustain a meditation practice.

This course is a good fit for beginner and intermediate practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding of mindfulness and medication

What to Expect*

Session 1: Orientation, introduction to mindfulness, and the Awareness of Breathing & Body Scan meditation practices

Session 2: the stress response, introduction to walking meditation practice and meditation poems as a tool for attention

Session 3: Introduction to Guided Imagery and bringing awareness to present-moment experience through awareness of the thoughts

Session 4: Introduction to mindful eating, introduction to Loving Kindness Meditation, acknowledging progress, the ongoing process, and how to sustain a mindfulness practice going forward.

*additional themes integrated to meet participant’s needs

The learning in your weekly class sessions is supported by written material and meditation logs for weekly practice. Recommended Course Textbook: Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat Zinn. This book can be purchased on Wild Lotus Online store, your favorite retailer or borrowed at your local library.

Two BIPOC scholarships are available for this course. If you self-identify as a Person of Color and are interested in receiving a scholarship, please email teamlotus@wildlotusyoga.com. We will offer these 2 scholarships to the first applicants that we hear from.

To facilitate the strong group learning environment that enriches each class experience, participants are encouraged to attend all 4 sessions. If you know in advance that you will miss a session, let Lindsey know. If you have to miss a session unexpectedly, see Lindsey about what you missed.

*This course is offered both in-person at the studio and online through Zoom. Pre-registration is required.

Investment: Sliding Scale Fee Based On Your Means:

$78 – $88 – $98

If you have the means, please pay at the $88 or $98 levels to support accessibility to our community.