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WildLotus Yoga

6 Week Intro to Mindfulness Course

Instructor: Lauren Lemmler

Date/Time: Mondays Sept 11th - Oct 16th, 6-7:30pm
Location: Studio

In this 6 week course, we will explore a variety of mindfulness practices. No prior experience necessary and all meditations can be modified to fit the needs of the participants.

Each session will have a short talk on a thematic topic, mindfulness practices related to the topic, small/large group check ins, inspirational stories or poems and an invitation for home practice for the week.

Benefits of a regular meditation practice include increased; body awareness, compassion for self and others, mental resilience, gratitude, clarity and joy.

Session 1: Topic – What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Practices – Mindful Eating
Body Scan

Session 2: Topic – Be Right Where You Are
Mindfulness Practices – Body Scan
Connecting to the Breath

Session 3: Topic – Our Storytelling Minds
Mindfulness Practice – Walking Meditation
Mindfulness of Sound

Session 4: Topic – Lovingkindness
Mindfulness Practice – Lovingkindness Meditation
Working with RAIN

Session 5: Topic- Willingness to be with Things as They Are
Mindfulness Practice – Lovingkindness Meditation
Exploring Unpleasant-Neutral-Pleasant
Mindfulness of Breath

Session 6: Topic- Moving Forward
Mindfulness Practice – Walking Meditation with Lovingkindness
Mindfulness of Breathing with Spaciousness

Class size is limited.
Investment: $120, Early Bird Rate $108 by Aug 30