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BHAKTIFY! Bhakti for Asana Teachers – Bringing More Heart, Creativity & Musicality To Teaching Yoga

Instructor: Seán Johnson

Date/Time: Mon Aug 12th - Fri Aug 16th
Location: Asheville Yoga Center

Bhakti is a Sanskrit word and a path of yoga that points to the universal human experience of connecting to the mystery of life through the depths of the heart. Many of Bhakti’s practices are devotional folk arts like singing, dancing, storytelling, poetry, and ritual that are meant to be accessible for all. 

In this 5 day program — designed for yoga teachers and trainees who are seeking to infuse fresh energy and inspiration into their teaching— we’ll explore ways to cultivate more depth, imagination, and feeling in our asana classes through the arts and practices of Bhakti Yoga. Seán will share insights cultivated over 25 years of merging Hatha and Bhakti yoga in his teaching and practice. 

In this 5 day immersion, we’ll: 

  • Open to more possibilities when we teach of sincerely sharing what moves our hearts 
  • Search for the deep universal human connections seeded within the depths of Yoga’s spirituality, mythology, and mantras to share in our classes
  • Discover new ways to experience asanas we’ve perhaps practiced and taught many times before by transforming them into meaning-making rituals
  • Delve into ways to bring more energy, emotion, dynamics, and musicality to our classes including creating more potent playlists that support our class flow
  • Learn some simple language, techniques, and tips for demystifying the practice of mantra to help make chanting more accessible, relatable, and beneficial for a general group of students, even for skeptics. 
  • Practice a basic, immediately accessible way to play the harmonium to create soundscapes to accompany  chanting, guided meditations & readings 

  • 50 Yoga Alliance Contact Hours