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Radiance Sutras Online Meditation Teacher Training

Instructor: Lorin Roche & Camille Maureen

Date/Time: April 30th - Nov 19th
Location: Online

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Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine are two of the most highly experienced meditation teachers in the world, with over a hundred years of exploration and discovery between them. The current of delight they share is based in the ancient yoga tradition and informed by the latest science. The meditation approach they teach is founded in the realization that meditation is being intimate with life, and we each have our own individual ways. When we meditate in a way that suits our nature, meditation feels natural, spontaneous, and refreshing.
There is no one meditation technique that works for everyone. Many people spend years fumbling around with techniques that are not a good fit for their individuality. In the Radiance Sutras® Meditation Teacher Training, you learn how to access new doorways to meditation, so that you can create a rich, rewarding meditation practice for yourself, and help almost anyone.

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced meditator, or a teacher of meditation, you will discover new and empowering keys to embodying a healthy, integrative approach. This online training of 20 sessions will give you the skills you need to construct a vibrant, relaxing meditation practice for yourself, and if you like, you may also take this training to become certified as a meditation teacher.
In this training, Lorin and Camille lovingly share their decades of teaching inner practices to people of all walks of life, and learning from them what works and what does not. Discover how to embrace deeper spirituality, somatic intelligence, psychological wholeness, and creative expression to bring the practices to life.

Dr. Lorin Roche has researched and taught meditation for over 50 years. His PhD research was about the subjective experience of meditation, and his Master’s degree was on the developmental crises on the path of meditation. Camille Maurine, Lorin’s wife and partner, has taught embodied meditation since 1975 and is a pioneer in energy practices for women. Together they are the founders of Instinctive Meditation┬«, this comprehensive, life-affirming approach.

Tuition: Immersion Track: $1497/ Teacher Track: $1997.

Save $100 on tuition with the coupon code: WILDLOTUS