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“We Heal Together”Weekend Immersion with Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Instructor: Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Date/Time: March 3rd-5th
Location: Studio

Friday, March 3rd:

Healing Our Hearts, Healing The Collective

6:00-8:00pm CT

An Asana and Meditation Practice with Michelle C. Johnson

The path of yoga asks us to deeply feel our hearts and allow what is present in our hearts to guide us toward personal and collective healing. Join Michelle C. Johnson for an asana, and meditation practice focused on the heart and healing. The practice will ask you to turn toward your heart, feel what resides there, remember your capacity to open your heart, find joy through a connection with the heart, and to heal. The practice will include a flow aligned with the breath and heart, restorative postures for self-reflection and integration, pranayama, and rest. 

Saturday Session 1:

A Timeless Path and Practice

11am – 1:30pm CT

Yoga is an ancient practice designed to support us in meeting whatever might arise, moment to moment. In this session, we will explore how we can engage in spiritual practice to meet the uncertainty life presents and the challenging times we are experiencing because of social unrest, climate change, collective loss, and the unsettling times in which we find ourselves now. This session will also explore how we might engage in spiritual practice to invite more ease into our lives and cultivate a sense of collective ease and peace. The session will include pranayama, movement, meditation, discussion, journaling, and a little movement. 

Saturday Session 2

2:30-5:00pm CT

We Heal Together

We are connected to all things and the entire web of life. Every raindrop, blade of grass, bird taking flight, baby being born, ancestor transitioning, seed germinating, bear entering a cave to hibernate, whale migrating, and sea turtle resting on the shore. Even though we may know how interconnected we are to all things, we may experience periods of feeling isolated and disconnected. During these times, it is important for us to, instead of retreating into our disconnection, come back into community with one another. We must reach out, connect with compassion and openness, and practice alongside one another to heal from our past and present-day wounds and into the future. The We Heal Together workshop, through ritual, practice, and deepening our connection to ourselves and all beings, past, present, and future, we remind you that we all come from each other. We are kin and community, and we thrive and heal in community. This workshop will include pranayama, meditation, a community ritual, journaling, and discussion. 

Sunday Session: 

10:30-1:00pm CT 

Satya: Teaching the Truth 

If you are a yoga teacher contemplating how to talk about the suffering, grief, and uncertainty we are experiencing at this time in our world as you teach and hold space for healing through the path and practice of yoga, this workshop is for you. Satya: Teaching the Truth will explore how we, as yoga teachers and space holders, can share the truth about the nature of suffering, how we are suffering in our individual lives and the collective, and how to decrease the suffering we and our planet experience. This workshop will explore how to create balance and invite ease in even as you share the truth about your and our suffering. It will include meditation, pranayama, movement, and small and large group discussions. 

Investment: Sliding Scale: $150/$180/$210 for the full weekend/ Or $40/$50/$60 for individual workshops. If you have the means, please pay at the middle and upper tiers to support these events being financially accessible to the community.