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Weekend Immersion with Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Instructor: Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Date/Time: Fri March 8th- Sun March 10th, 2024
Location: Studio

We are so looking forward to hosting our friend Michelle Cassandra Johnson again for what has become a beautiful annual tradition. Michelle has been a deeply influential and impactful teacher for us. She is one of the most gifted and intuitive space holders we’ve ever known, integrating her skills as a yoga teacher, licensed clinical social worker, and activist to create courageous, compassionate spaces to deepen our humanity. She is an adjunct faculty in our Soul School teacher training program and was featured in Yoga Journal as one of today’s 15 most inspirational change makers. The weekend will be focused on how to keep our hearts open even when we’re broken-hearted, how to honor individual and collective grief and make space for individual and communal healing amidst the suffering, injustice, and tension in the world.

Rituals and Practices to Bring About Harmony in the World 

Join spiritual teacher and social justice activist Michelle Cassandra Johnson for a transformative weekend immersion focused on rituals, ceremony, shamanism, and how to engage spiritual practice for personal and collective healing.  You can attend the entire weekend, which we recommend, or one session. The weekend will focus on Michelle’s third book, We Heal Together: Rituals and Practices For Building Community and Connection, and her path and practice of shamanism to bring about harmony on our planet.

The weekend will include various workshops focused on how to respond to the tumult in the world by engaging the body in ritual and practice for individual and collective healing. The weekend will include various spiritual teachings from yoga and shamanism. Through your participation in the full immersion or one workshop Michelle is offering during the immersion, you will deepen your spiritual practice and gain more clarity about how to show up more fully in your life and for the collective. You will learn more about your specific alchemy and how to engage it to transmute present conditions that are in the way of our collective liberation.

Friday evening:

Somatic Healing for the Individual and Collective

Time 6:00-8:00pm

Join Michelle C. Johnson for a practice focused on connecting with the body as a somatic tool for healing personally and collectively. During this session, Michelle will share about the soma, the body as a system, and teach practices focused on grounding when the nervous system feels activated, engaging earth’s energy to support the soma in feeling more resourced, and attuning to self and others through sound and movement.  

This practice will include pranayama, visualization, movement, and work with sound and vibration. 

Saturday 1st session:

The Body as a Ritual

Time 11:00am-1:30pm

Join Michelle C. Johnson for a session focused on rituals and, specifically, how to engage your body in rituals and practices in connection with Spirit as a tool for collective change. Michelle will define ritual and guide you through somatic practices intended to deepen your understanding of how all we need to practice rituals is an intention and openness to connect with Source, Spirit, and that which is bigger than us, breath, and will. This session will explore how to bring in elemental energy as an ally for our ritual work and ceremony. It will include meditation, movement, pranayama, and attunement practices. 

Saturday 2nd session:

Ancestral Connections 

Time 2:30-5:00pm

Many of us are contemplating how we connect more deeply to our ancestors as we both face uncertain times and create conditions for collective healing. Ancestral work can feel challenging because some of us are unsure of where we come from; some of us have challenging relationships with our ancestors, and some of us may feel fearful of opening the portal to ancestral connections. In this session, Michelle will share about ancestral bonds that both touch on blood lineage and lineage beyond blood. She will guide practices meant to invite you to call on ancestors for support and guidance. In addition, Michelle will share about energetic boundaries for ancestral connections we want protection from. This session will include meditation, pranayama, discussion and self-inquiry, and a shamanic journey intended to call on benevolent beings and ancestors and set up energetic boundaries for protection. 

Sunday 1st session: 


Dreaming Our Way Into the Future 

If we want to create a future in which we all are free, we have to dream our way into it. Dreaming requires us to be in a liminal space, between worlds and realms, and the creation of a world where we all have space to be and breathe requires us to bring our dreams into waking life. During this session, Michelle will take you on a journey to connect with what your heart desires as you consider a whole and healed world. The session will include meditation, yoga nidra, and journaling. Each one of these practices will culminate in the weaving of a web of dreams we hold collectively for the future. 

Sunday 2nd Session


The Alchemy of the Honeybee 

The final session of the weekend immersion is focused on alchemy. Michelle believes we must be alchemists to traverse the times in which we live. We must connect with our inner magic and the mystery that may not be visible to us but is most certainly unfolding inside and around us. This session will use the honeybee as a teacher of how to connect with inner alchemy for the collective good. Michelle will share some of the ways honeybees alchemize, be that the way they do complex math and create symmetrical hexagons to hold their food, babies, and pollen. Or the way they turn nectar into honey. Or the way they dance with one another. These teachings about alchemy will help us deepen our understanding of how we, too, can alchemize to meet these times. This session will include meditation, humming, brahmari breath, movement, journaling, and small and large group discussions.

Sliding Scale: $150/$180/$210 for the full weekend
Sliding Scale: $40/$50/$60 for individual workshops

If you have the means, please pay at the middle and upper tiers to support these events being financially accessible to the community.