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Yoga for Total Noobs: A 4 week primer on how to sit, stand, and fold in any yoga class – and how to breathe along the way

Instructor: Leo Fraser

Date/Time: Wednesdays 6-7:30pm Beginning May 8th through May 29th
Location: Studio

A primer on how to sit, stand, and touch your toes in any yoga class – and how to breathe along the way.

Yoga for Total Noobs is a workshop designed for anyone who has ever said “I can’t do yoga”. It is for anyone who has ever been too intimidated to walk into a studio. And It is for anyone who has ever been to a class and left feeling confused, frustrated, or embarrassed.

In this four session series we’ll explore the foundational postures of sitting down, being on your hands and knees, standing up, and folding at the hips, simple postures from which other more complex poses stem from. Most importantly we’ll learn how to breathe and keep an engaged breath-centered awareness throughout class, how to keep our hearts open in any posture, and how at the end of class, to lie down, surrender and fully relax into a heartfelt and healing savasana. The intended benefits include increasing a new student’s confidence in performing simple postures as well as increasing their confidence to walk into any yoga class or studio. And even if this is the last yoga class they ever do, they will at least walk away with a deeper understanding of how to move throughout the world and how to be in their own bodies in a healthier, more centered, more physically and emotionally supportive manner.

Each of the four postures explored are central to asana yoga. Unfortunately, without a proper introduction these postures and concepts can be intimidating and inaccessible to a beginning student. Beginners can often feel out of place, lost, and frustrated in yoga classes and might not feel like they have the opportunity to ask questions or get a real understanding of what is being taught. However, by understanding these basic movements, postures, and techniques along with cues and language commonly used in classes new students gain greater confidence heading into other more advanced yoga practices. In addition, the series will include a basic outline to understand the history of yoga as well as gently introducing students to concepts and actions like “Namaste” and “Aum”.

The course will be four weeks long (4 x 1.5 hour weekly sessions) and focus on a different posture or practice each week –

Week 1 – breathing and sitting

Week 2 – being on our hands and knees

Week 3 – standing

Week 4 – bending and twisting

Each week will feature savasana and guided meditation as well. Topics throughout will also include – increasing our awareness in day to day actions, the use of props every step of the way, and how to stay engaged in transitions from pose to pose.

Investment: Sliding Scale Fee Based On Your Means:

If you have the means, please pay at the $85 or $75 levels to support accessibility to our community.
No Drop Ins. No refunds.