Free To Move: Healthy Joint Mobility Workshop

Free To Move: Healthy Joint Mobility Workshop


Sun, Aug, 25th
11:00 am - 1:30 pm

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Mitchel Bleier
Free To Move is a workshop that focuses on active end range of motions and increasing healthy joint mobility. Healthy joint mobility directly affects proper muscle and tissue contraction and lengthening. Plus, inside the deep capsule of your joints are many receptors that tell your nervous system what is happening. That translates to the ability to relax, reduce stress, decrease injury, while increasing stability and flexibility. This workshop focuses on specific controlled joint movements through all the major joints in the body.
It is not an “asana” practice, but will have you working hard, stabilizing your core, and feeling juicer than ever.
It is appropriate for all levels and great information to help understand how to free up stuck or injured areas of your body. This workshop is a great complement to any yoga practice.
Investment: $30 or register for both workshops for $50. Members receive 10% off. NO Refunds
Mitchel will also be:
• subbing subbing Friday, 6-7pm Friday Night Express Uptown; Saturday 10-11:15am Bhakti Flow Downtown; Sunday, 6-7:15 Medium Flow Downtown (click the class names to register!)
• teaching The Core of Handstand workshop on Saturday August 24th, 2-4:30pm Downtown
• Co-facilitating the Soul School Teacher Training Program Info Session with Sean Sunday August 25th, 2-3:30pm Downtown.