4-Week Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Course

4-Week Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Course


Tue, Jun, 18th
7:45 pm - 9:00 pm

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Andra Aitken

As we move in our lives, it is so easy to rush our thoughts, neglect our bodies, and overlook what we feel. Over time, living this way can create a disconnect between the mind/body awareness, thus leading to internal miscommunication.

Maintaining a strong foundation can support our lives and allow us to move smoothly through our days and experiences with grace. Our legs, pelvis, and lower abdomen are not only the physical roots of our bodies, but also house the energies of stability and groundedness within our subtle bodies. As we strengthen, open, and embody these regions we create the basis for physical presence which assists in taking us out of the stress response (flight or fight) and into the relaxation response. As our bodies relax, the nervous system and endocrine system (hormones) begin to experience homeostasis.

In this 4-week course, you will be guided through both the physical and energetic foundation of your body and learn techniques to strengthen and enhance your connection to your own root.

Cost: $80 Members receive 10% off. No refunds