5-Day Yin Yoga Immersion: Wake Up to Yin

5-Day Yin Yoga Immersion: Wake Up to Yin


Mon, Nov, 4th
6:00 am - 7:00 am

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Andra Aitken

Delve into the depths of stillness and meet yourself! Wake up to a week of awareness and peace through Yin Yoga. This practice of stillness and introspection will help you cultivate greater insight into the state of your body, mind, and mood, so that you can move through your day with mindfulness and care.

Yin Yoga is a passive practice of surrender which initiates sustained postural holds that allows you to more intimately and clearly experience your physical and energetic bodies. By breathing through the sensations created by holding poses at a moderate edge for an extended period of time, the body and mind open to greater depths of peace.

November 4th – November 8th.

Cost: $80 by Oct 28th, $100 Thereafter. Members receive 10% off. No Refunds