Anatomy – Alignment – Adjustments: A Hands on Teacher’s Workshop

Anatomy - Alignment - Adjustments: A Hands on Teacher's Workshop


Sat, Aug, 11th - Sun, Aug, 12th
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Vera Lester

A Hands-on Teaching Workshop

August 11th – 12th w/ Vera Lester

In your zone. On your mat. In the heat of class. Breath in sync with motion. Your body moves like magic. You didn’t know it could get better — until your teacher adjusts that top shoulder, and you see your body a little differently.

The best yoga adjustments don’t ‘fix’ a pose — they teach your students.

Using the how of Anatomy and the why of Alignment, we’ll explore the magic of expert hands-on adjustments. In six hours over two days, you’ll learn major principles of how the body moves as a unit, and how to enhance that movement with adjustments. You’ll lose your hesitation, and feel confident giving powerful, transformative assists — plus, you’ll get plenty of practice giving and getting adjustments.

Your adjustments will reveal a part of your students they didn’t even know was there. Your wise touch will release unnecessary effort, show your students how strong they are, and give them a taste of possibility.

Whether you’re a brand new yoga teacher or an old guard, this workshop will give you a new perspective on the power you hold in your hands.

[Saturday will cover feet, legs and pelvis alignment and the supporting adjustments. Sunday will cover spine, shoulders, head and neck alignment, and their supporting adjustments.)

Students who complete both days qualify for 10 hours of CE for Yoga Alliance.

This workshop meets: 10am-12noon (lecture/discussion) + 2pm-5pm (practice) both days

Cost: $98 one day, $160 for full weekend. Members receive 10% off. No refunds