Chakra Tuning Series: Fall Into Rhythm

Chakra Tuning Series: Fall Into Rhythm


Sun, Sep, 22nd
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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In each of these two hour workshops we will learn about and get in tune with our 7 energy centers, the chakras. We will explore our way up each chakra, and identify which emotions relate to each chakra, and what parts of the body they govern. We will use the flow of breath (pranayama) and movement (asana) to open us up from our hips to our hearts. We will use song and sound to free our voice, and mediation to connect us more deeply to our internal and external world. We will also incorporate ayurvedic techniques that help bring us into better balance, during each season. If you are interested in learning how the balance of our energetic body can lead to more harmony in our daily lives, this class is for you!

Cost: $25. Members receive 10% off. No refunds