Yoga & Acupuncture for Seasonal Wellness

Yoga & Acupuncture for Seasonal Wellness


Sun, Jan, 12th
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Lauren Sloan & Hidden Roots Acupuncture


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Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine are two of the oldest systems used to holistically treat the practitioner, and whose practices are uniquely suited to complement the other.
This union comes together in this seasonal workshop dedicated to Winter with an all levels flow focused on stimulating the kidneys and bladder, followed by an individual acupuncture session in savasana.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Winter is the last and most Yin of the seasons. It is a time for storing both the physical and spiritual energies and for fully embracing a concept all too rare in our modern-day lifestyles: rest.

Winter is the season of the Water element which is associated with the kidneys and bladder. The kidneys store our vitality and are the root of our body’s foundation; they are in charge of our adrenal glands, reproductive function and hormonal health, growth and development of the body, and low back, knee, and bone health. If one has issues in any of these areas, it is especially important to support the kidneys in order to ensure that the body and mind stay healthy and free of serious illness as we age.

The emotion associated with the Winter season is fear. In small healthy doses, fear keeps us safe– in excess though it is paralyzing, preventing us from connecting with others or getting the rest our bodies need and our minds require.Embrace the season and join us in exploring, experiencing, and celebrating the unique energy of Winter!

This workshop is limited to 12 participants. Early registration encouraged!

Investment: $40. Members receive 10% discount. No Refunds.

Bio: Hidden Root Acupuncture, located in the Warehouse District, offers acupuncture treatments, cupping, Chinese herbs, and more. Owner and practitioner, Jackie Koenig, L.Ac, loves working with those who are seeking out solutions for their acute or chronic pain, emotional health, gut health, menstrual and fertility difficulties, sleep issues, those who feel unheard in their current healthcare, and those who are seeking a more balanced, rooted life.