Experiential Anatomy For Yoga Teachers: Hips & Shoulders

Experiential Anatomy For Yoga Teachers: Hips & Shoulders


Sat, Sep, 22nd - Sun, Sep, 23rd
10:30 am - 2:00 pm

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Arturo Peal

This two day participatory workshop, especially designed for yoga teachers, focuses on an embodied education in anatomy through sensation, palpation, and movement. Yoga teachers will have the opportunity to clarify and deepen their understanding of the hips and shoulders to inform their own practice and better serve students in class. The hips and shoulders, the most mobile joints in the body, are the same type of joint – Ball & Socket – but are unique in form and functions. In this immersion we will explore our Ball and Socket joints and look at the balance between stability and mobility.

The Shoulder – The shoulder connects our core to the world. We will examine and feel the complex rhythmic interactions of the shoulder joint. Students will gain an understanding of the rotator cuff and other movers and stabilizers. We will also explore frozen shoulder and how to help them thaw.

The Hip — The hips are the link between the earth and our core. We will experience the movements of the hip joint. Teachers will gain a greater understanding of the piriformis, gluteus medius and minimus and how to unlock the booty. The iliopsoas will also be explored through sensation and movement.

Arturo Peal is a Certified Yoga therapist who holds a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and practices Craniosacral Therapy. He has been teaching anatomy and physiology for yoga teacher trainings, body workers for over 30 years. He integrates his expertise in anatomy, kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, and the healing processes to present a multidimensional understanding of the human body. Arturo teaches trainings in New York, San Francisco, Slovenia, Australia and Italy.

Participants must commit to both days of training

10:30am – 2 pm each day

Cost: $160 members receive 10% off