New Orleans Sacred Music Festival

New Orleans Sacred Music Festival


Sat, Mar, 21st
9:00 am - 9:00 pm

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Sat March 21st, 9am-7:30pm at The New Orleans Healing Center
featuring Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band & many others

New Orleans is a crossroads for numerous cultures, traditions and ways of life. The 2019 Sacred Music Festival brings together these traditions to share music, chants, prayers, ceremonies, conversations, food and more. In a time when words of intolerance are becoming far too common, this festival’s infectious energy spreads peace, sacredness and respect to all peoples and their faiths. Oh, and it’s a complete blast and was voted as one of Everfest’s Favorite Faith Festivals in 2015! Where else are you going to see Tibetan monks rocking out to Gospel music?

The Sacred Music Festival is a vitally important summit where people of diverse cultures and traditions can come together and share their voices through the universal and unifying power of music. Some performances are traditional, others innovative. Melodic, inspirational and uplifting, yet serious and profoundly personal, all sacred music carries similar themes of hope, no matter what language is spoken.

Featuring our own Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band, Deacon John, Ben Hunter, Mayumi Shara and MaTeDo, Chuck Perkins & Claudia Copeland, and more artists to be announced.


Schedule of Wild Lotus Offerings:


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