Yoga & Stress: Practices for the Fight/Flight Lifestyle

Yoga & Stress: Practices for the Fight/Flight Lifestyle


Sun, Jan, 19th
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Arturo Peal

Getting to Safe – Practices for the Fight/Flight Lifestyle with guest teacher Arturo Peal

The oldest parts of our brain are constantly monitoring our surroundings to see if we are safe.  Modern culture and fast paced environments often cause the body/mind to stay in a heightened state of vigilance, as if we were under attack, even when no danger is present. The continual state of stress can interrupt the body’s natural rest and recovery cycles.  This can lead to chronic conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and exacerbate problems with digestion and circulation.

In this workshop participants will gain an understanding of the effects of stress, along with tools that help turn off the fight or flight response.  Exercises to enhance our personal knowledge of safety will also be practiced.

Arturo Peal is a Certified Yoga therapist who holds a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and practices Craniosacral Therapy.  He has been teaching anatomy and physiology for yoga teacher trainings, body workers for over 30 years.  He integrates his expertise in anatomy, kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, and the healing processes to present a multidimensional understanding of the human body. Arturo teaches trainings in New York, San Francisco, Slovenia, Australia and Italy.

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