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Serenity, Restorative, Meditation & More…

In addition to our more active flow classes, we also offer gentler classes that focus more purely on stress relief, relaxation, centering, and meditation.

Serenity Yoga: Melt away stress, replenish your energy, and awaken inner guidance with gentle postures, stretching, relaxation exercises, deep breathing, and calming music.

Restorative Yoga: Release stress and create a state of deep relaxation through calming, therapeutic, sustained postures comfortably supported by bolsters and blankets.

The Restorative/Guided Meditation class includes an extensive guided Yoga Nidra meditation that systematically releases each layer of your being to induce the relaxation response, our body’s own healing state, where revitalization and regeneration occurs.

Mellow Flow consists of a long warm-up followed by movement through gentle, low-impact sequences of poses done at a slower pace, connected on the breath.

In our Friday Night Chill class, release any stress from your week and ease into your weekend with a mellow yoga class that focuses on gentle postures to loosen your body, calming breath, and reclining meditation.