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8hr Intro to Teaching Kids Yoga


April  7th – 8th Uptown!

with Charlotte Mabry


This Training meets Sat April 7th 2:30-6:30 and Sunday April 8th 1pm-5pm

Discover the fun of teaching Kids Yoga in this dynamic, playful, and comprehensive workshop with Charlotte Mabry at Wild Lotus Yoga. In this two day workshop, we’ll learn tips and tricks for teaching the art of yoga to kids, through games, activities, and art.

In the first part of the workshop, we’ll look at:

  • The evolution of the techniques for Kids Yoga
  • The science behind activities, games, and the bubble therapy meditation
  • The art of teaching yoga poses safely
  • The power of props in kids yoga

In the second part, we’ll dive into experience and practice:

  • Participate in a children’s yoga class to understand student/teacher and group dynamics
  • Learn stories, songs, and routines utilized in the lesson plan provided
  • Learn how & why to adjust the lesson plan to keep children engaged

Participants who complete the Intro to Teaching Kids Yoga Part 1 & 2 receive credit towards their 95 Hour Certification*

If you have any questions, please contact Charlotte Mabry at .

* Complete both workshops (8 Hours) and receive a Certificate of Completion. These 8 hours count towards the Yoga Alliance 95 Hour Registered Children’s Yoga Training with Young Yoga Masters. These 8 Hours can replace the 8 Hour Self Study assignment in the Summer Intensive at Wild Lotus Yoga June 19 – 29, 2017.

Cost: $175 by March 7th. $200 thereafter. No refunds. Each workshop includes comprehensive handouts.

Charlotte Connick Mabry, MS, RYT, RCYT

Charlotte is a retired Professor of Public Health from the LSU School of Dentistry; since her retirement she has committed to a lifelong study and practice of yoga. “It is my passion to live my life with gusto and give that away from my heart to the hearts of the children I teach.”

“My love is in education. My dharma is to teach, but more importantly, I love to motivate my students to reach the desires of their heart. Watching them find their own belief, that their dreams are possible; while encouraging them to create their highest goals of happiness is a great source of joy.”

Teaching the child how to trust that knowing little self within, is my greatest gift as a teacher! The little yogis wait for satsang to share from their hearts to one another in a very safe place before class begins. The simple messages of life are what keep us happy. I provide an avenue while teaching yoga through singing and breathing, practicing poses, storytelling, games, designing art and creatively moving the body. It is amazing to see the capacity a child has to “rest into their own stillness” at the end of a class through a guided meditation with restorative poses. I see the little yogis transform as they find the definition of their very true self that is within.

The children bring yoga home into their families. Family yoga has been a lot of fun for the parents to learn from their children the “positive messages they want in their home”. The parents and whole family love yoga; and I love teaching it!!  When parents learn how to listen to the little wise yogi’s it makes them feel so important. Confidence and seeing the Light in their family members happens easily while practicing.