Ever since Seán returned home to New Orleans in 1999 and Wild Lotus opened in 2003, we’ve celebrated the deeply inspirational connections between yoga and musicMusic has brought us together in so many ways. We sing together, move, and relax to evocative playlists and live music in our ongoing classes.  We join our hearts in song in our weekly community kirtan. In our teacher training program Soul School trainees devote time to learning about the joy of singing and how to play the harmonium. In our mantra and world music concert series, musicians who have dedicated their lives to refining the practice of merging music and spirituality enchant and transport us with their art. Our homegrown house band Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band, who started as a philanthropic music project after Hurricane Katrina, have grown to become worldwide ambassadors of mantra music, sharing the gift of their New Orleans-brewed kirtan across the country and abroad, including several performances at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. And Seán has poured his love of music and yoga into co-curating Putumayo’s “Music For Yoga” Series, picking serene tracks from across the globe for international yogis to practice with.