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Welcome to yoga!

Get a deeper feel for yoga and get to know the studio with our Welcome To Wild Lotus Special: 30 days of unlimited yoga classes for only $33. Purchase here. 

At Wild Lotus, we love introducing yoga to beginners. You will find our teachers to be very friendly, kind, patient, and informative. We promote a non-competitive atmosphere in classes and encourage all students to move at their own pace. The kind of class you choose to attend will have a big impact on your first impression of yoga. It’s important to recognize that there are many approaches to yoga, and the style and personality of the teacher can be a strong influence. We encourage beginners to try our different classes and teachers, to find the approaches you feel a personal connection and affinity with.  If you don’t connect with your first yoga class, rather than judging yoga on that single experience, we highly recommend you keep an open mind and try out another class and teacher.

When you view our schedule we’ve put a ß symbol next to all the recommended class options for beginners. We also highly recommend our 4 Week Intro to Yoga Courses. The benefit of these courses is the opportunity to build your practice step-by-step, week-to-week, in an intentional program designed by our teachers to build your skill and confidence.

Upcoming 4-Week Intro to Yoga Courses: More details and registration:

The cost for 4-Week Courses is $65. No Drop Ins.

**taking the 4-week intro courses does not exclude you from doing the $33 unlimited special. You may sign up for the special while you take the intro course or after, no problem.

Pay attention to the class description and guideline for each class:

◊ Our mellow classes focus primarily on stress relief and relaxation and are physically gentler than the other classes.

◊ Our mellow-medium classes are relaxing and also introduce a selection of more challenging postures and sequences with options to modify in a gentler way.

◊ Our medium classes offer students a challenging practice cultivating strength and flexibility, with options to modify up and down. Students will break a sweat in this class and be introduced to a wider variety of pose types including sun salutations, arm balances, balance poses, backbends, twists, and inversions.

◊ Our spicy classes are designed for experienced students who have a strong practice and developed awareness of alignment. This is a sweaty, physically demanding practice that includes a variety of pose types including sun salutations, arm balances, balance poses, backbends. Each class includes at least 2-3 challenging inversions such as headstand, tripod headstand, handstand, forearm stand, etc. We do not recommend that beginners attend spicy classes, as these classes require a strong foundation in yoga and usually move at a faster pace.

◊ Our Mellow-Medium, and Medium Foundations classes are an excellent doorway into yoga practice and will help you build your foundation. Our mellow Serenity and Restorative classes are great for unwinding, stress relief, and relaxation. Flow and Flow and Restore classes marked All Levels and Mellow-Medium will also give you the opportunity to practice moving with your breath and prep you for the medium and spicy classes.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

  • Brings balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.
  • Helps with sleeping disorders
  • Helps with strength, flexibility range of motion and balance
  • Promotes healthier self-esteem and awareness
  • Calms the mind, reduces stress and anxiety
  • Revitalizes the body and mind
  • Slows heart rate
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases circulation
  • Strengthens and tones muscles
  • Helps to detoxify system
  • Improves function of internal organs
  • Balances muscular system
  • Increases metabolism and energy
  • Can help reduce depression, stress and insomnia
  • Helps connect you to intuition and inner guidance

What should I bring?

Bring a yoga mat (we also have mats for sale at the studio) and a reusable water bottle. We have reverse-osmosis filtered water available in our lobby.

What should I wear?

It is best to wear comfortable clothing that will not inhibit movement. Many people practice in shorts or breathable yoga pants, and t-shirt or tank-top. We always practice with our bare feet, so please leave your shoes in the lobby.

Is there a place to change my clothes? Can I store my stuff?

Uptown, we have two public restrooms you’re welcome to change in. Downtown we have a restroom as well as a changing booth. There are places to store your clothes  in each studio. There are no lockable units available, but you may keep your valuables in the same room with you.

What is the proper etiquette when in a Yoga class?

Please arrive early to sign in. We lock door 5 minutes after each class begins. Leave your shoes in the lobby.  Turn off cell phones. Avoid wearing heavy perfume or cologne. If you borrowed a mat, clean it after class. Place props neatly back. In the lobby, please be mindful of the volume of your voice when classes are in session.

I’m recovering from an injury. Will yoga help?

Yoga is a restorative practice and can often help the body to recover. Be sure to tell your teacher at the start of class about your injury and she/he can be sure that you get the most benefit for your recovery. An injury can be a great learning experience. Make sure to take responsibility for your body and listen when it asks you to take a break or stop.

Should I do yoga if I’m on my period?

It depends! Many yogis recommend that students refrain from inversions during the first three days of their cycle to avoid countering this natural downward flow of energy. These include headstands, shoulder stands, and handstands. Our teachers often offer an alternative pose for those who aren’t doing inversions, but we leave this decision up to each student’s personal discretion. Others recommend practicing only restorative or gentle yoga during your cycle to help build back the energy that goes into the process of menstruation. Listen to your body!

I’m pregnant. Should I stop my yoga practice?

No, but you’ll want to adapt it. Wild Lotus’ Prenatal classes offer safe and beneficial practices for this important time. If you are pregnant and plan to take “regular” classes, please notify your teacher and listen to your body. Avoid poses on your belly and flat on your back. Modify twists to be open, not closed. Backbends should be gentle, not deep. Relaxation pose should be modified to avoid lying fully supine (both hips and shoulders on the floor) for an extended period of time.

More advice

Avoid practicing with a full stomach, and drink plenty of water before class to remain hydrated through your practice.

Yoga is a process. Be consistent in your practice. Be patient and compassionate with yourself.