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Price Changes

April 15th, 2022

Dear Wild Lotus Yoga Community–

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 2+ years through the pandemic, including our admin staff, teachers, and students. Like for so many small businesses, it has been a very challenging time for the studio. Under the economic strain, hundreds of yoga studios around the country have closed permanently, and we’re still grieving the loss of our downtown studio which we had to close in the summer of 2020.

To help ensure that the studio could make it through, we have incurred a significant amount of debt, there have been many months where I have not paid myself, and our managers volunteered to take significant pay cuts.  We recently received news from our landlord that our rent is immediately rising sharply due to a huge leap in insurance costs.

 Factoring all this in, in order to keep the studio going, it has become clear that we need to raise our prices, which we have long resisted doing. The last time we raised our prices was 7 years ago, and we actually lowered our prices during the pandemic to create a $59 community membership option for folks who wanted to access our online, outdoor, and studio classes. The new prices are in alignment with the rates of most yoga studios in New Orleans, and the community rate for our monthly unlimited membership is still less than what most yoga studios are charging.

In our 20 years as a yoga studio, it has always been a priority for us to offer classes that are financially accessible. We were one of the first studios in town to offer donation-based and community classes, need-based scholarships, and  remain one of the only studios in the country to offer a sliding scale membership. 

We want to make it clear that amidst the price shifts, our belief in the financial accessibility of yoga hasn’t changed– we will continue to offer sliding scale membership options, and if the new prices put the opportunity to practice with us out of reach for you, please let us know by emailing teamlotus@wildlotusyoga.com, and we will offer a more flexible membership rate. We will also continue to offer a weekly $10 community class, as well as a new online-only membership with full access to our new On Demand Video Library which includes over 150 classes to practice with anytime on your own schedule.

If you have the means to support the sustenance of the studio along with our efforts to make yoga practice financially accessible, we’d be deeply grateful for you to  choose the upper scale price options for the monthly membership. You can also make a direct donation here or purchase a gift card for someone you care about to support the studio.

For current members, to give you a cushion of time to adjust, the new prices won’t go into effect until June 1st.  

We are deeply grateful for your understanding and support.


Seán Johnson

Founder, Wild Lotus Yoga

See the new prices here.