Wild Lotus Yoga
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WildLotus Yoga

Somatic Soundscape: Yoga and Improvised Music

Instructor: Rebecca & Vera

Date/Time: Sunday, August 4, 3-5 pm
Location: Studio

Join us for an evening where body and sound converge through somatic yoga and live improvised music. Experience presence and connection as you journey inward, connect with your breath, and embrace the present moment.

Vera will guide you through intuitive movements designed to awaken awareness, release tension, and deepen your connection with your body. These meditative, intentional movements emphasize internal physical and emotional awareness, inviting fuller embodiment and self-discovery.

Rebecca will accompany your movements with live improvised music on violin and viola, creating an immersive soundscape, responding intuitively to the energy and the movements in the room. Each note and beat will resonate with your flow, enriching your sensory experience and inviting new dimensions of expression and movement.

All levels are welcome. Come as you are and immerse yourself in the synergy of movement and music. Experience the transformative power of yoga and improvised music in perfect harmony.

What to Bring:
Comfortable yoga attire
Water bottle
An open mind and heart

Investment:  $30, $25 if registered by August 1
No refunds